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netnpete’s Travel Diary

Monday, 05 Mar 2007

Location: Biarritz, France


Well for those of you who have no idea where it is, Biarritz is located on the South West side of France. If you look to the map to the Right, it is just below Bordeaux near the Spanish border. We decided to go here after I made a boo boo on our original booking to Paris, so we had to go somewhere else - (long story - don't ask!)

Anyways, we flew out of Stansted airport on Friday morning, after a 75 min bus ride from central London. We flew Ryanair direct to Biarritz - 1 and a half hour flight. A quick Taxi ride and we were at our apartment in Biarritz, located 300 metres from the beach. And after not seeing the beach for 6 months that sight and smell was amazing!! And Pete nearly wet himself when he saw the surf!

So, the rest of the day was spent looking around and at the same time searching for a decent 2nd hand surfboard for Pete to buy. We walked miles but at about 6:30pm finally found a board! So with a smile on Petes face from ear to ear we then headed out in town for a meal. Now with French being the 1st language this was where we came into difficulty! We decided on a quaint little restaurant and sat down to study the menu. We were determined to try the french delicacy of snails - or escargot, and chose one other thing on the menu we had no idea what it was. Well the meals came out and the snails were really nice, but the other meal was 2 big pieces of animal bone hollowed out with some weird white stuff inside and a couple of pieces of bread to dip in it. It just tasted like animal fat and we later found out it was Bone marrow - mmm lovely! We then headed out to the local casino to throw away some money - pretty small cas and felt a bit like the high rollers section of a normal casino, but nice enough. It's off season so there wasn't much else going on in little Biarritz.

On Saturday, Pete got a few waves and we checked out the rest of Biarritz. It is an amazing little town, kind of French/Spanish Gold Coast only smaller. The Pyrenees are not too far away, so it rains a bit, but we were really lucky to get some good weather. On Sunday we got temps up to 25C so the white legs were out in Boardies, but it was amazing to get some sun for a day.

So it was such an amzing weekend enjoying the sea and sun, and on Sunday it was time to head back to dreary London. When we came in to land we passed through a lot of cloud and it was pouring down with rain when we landed. Then we had a lovely hour and a half bus ride back into London. And back to work Monday, but surprisingly we've actually had a little bit of sun this week, and the days are getting lighter earlier. Daylight savings starts at the end of the month so hopefully the summer weather wont be fare away!