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netnpete’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 17 Apr 2007

Location: London, Fulham, UK


Well, we haven't written in a while so this is going to be a general overview of what we've been up to - are u ready for it??

March 11
We headed to the London Astoria with Hales and Glenn to check out Eagles Of Death Metal - if you haven't heard of them they are a bit of a piss take rock band and they are great. The venue wasn't that great but the lead singer really was the highlight - he wore the reflective aviator sunnies and continuously combed his hair and rocked out all night. If u ever get a chance to see them do it!

April 5 - An easter never to forget!
This day started out like any other - we all went to work and it was a nice warm day so we decided to all meet at the pub, The Elk after work. We had a few drinks there then Pete and I met up with some of his mates from work, all Rockingham boys. So we had a few more drinks and headed to Acton to the boys house and were on our way to the Redback in Acton - and this is where it gets a bit hazy! - Pete was mucking around with the guys and they were wrestling or something and Pete ended up on the ground and hurt his knee and his arm. Anyway at that point we decided the night was over and hopped on a bus and headed home.

April 6
When we got up on Friday - both a bit worse for wear Pete noticed that his knee was quite swollen and his arm was still sore, so he decided a visit to the doctor was in order.
Anyway - long story short - He got xrayed and his wrist is broken - to be exact the Scaphoid bone is the one he broke, but the knee was fine - just a little sore. So now he has a cast on his arm and he's off work for approx 6 weeks!

April 7
Pete's knee was feeling a little better so we headed out to go and watch 'The Boat Race'. Now, I had never heard of any boat race - but mention it in London and everyone knows what you're talking about. Its the annual Oxford vs Cambridge rowing race - happens every year 1 Oxford Rowing boat vs 1 Cambridge Rowing Boat Race from Putney Bridge to Chiswick Bridge, (ok stop yawning!) It sounds kind of boring, but we headed down to the riverfront in Hammersmith and joined the millions of other people down there and watched the exciting 2 minutes of 2 boats going past. I think it is more the atmosphere and drinking in public that people go there for! Caught up with my old mate Frog from Mandurah and had a few drinks, it was a great day weatherwise so was good to be outside enjoying it.

Saturday night we ventured out to a nightclub in London called Ministry Of Sound - yep, the same people that do the music compilation cds. It opens from 11pm to 7am and costs a whopping £20 to get in!! So we went there with Petes Rocko Mates cos it was one of their birthdays - all I have to say is it is an interesting place!

April 8
Still feeling a bit worse for wear from Saturday night we decided to make the mission to The Church - being Easter Sunday we thought we should go to Church! Well, for anyone that doesn't know The Church is a pub/event that is only open on a Sunday from 12-4pm. U have to queue up for a while to get in and then once in there it is a big concert venue, with a few bars. Drinks are given to you in a plastic bag in cans and you carry the bag around with you. They have a comedian warm up the crowd and then there is a couple of strippers that do routines on stage. Quite a lot of people dress up to go there, and on this occasion our mate Hamster was the easter bunny! Anyways its another interesting Aussie ritual over here! - check out their website to get a better idea -

April 15
This past weekend was pretty quiet seeing as Pete is now unemployed due to the broken wrist, but we're back into the AFL season and headed back to the Slug pub in Fulham to watch the derbies - what a great result! GO THE EAGLES!! And the weather is finally getting warmer so summer is on it's way and its already daylight until about 8pm!

So thats what we've been up to, let us know what you've been up to!! Lots of luv to all, missing u all too!