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Adrian&Maree’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 05 Aug 2006

Location: Robinson River, Australia

MapHello again,

Well, its the end of week two and apparantly time for a public holiday - its called Picnic Day!! This place just gets better and better! Thanks for all the messages - its great to hear from everyone.

School's been great - had to go to Borroloola last weekend on a 6 seater plane - freaky stuff! Kindy is fun - never seen so much snot in my life though. Made a speed car out of tissue boxes yesterday.....yes, i am moving up in the world!! Mum, you'd be proud - i even have actions to '12345 once i caught a fish alive' (even if the kids do look at me as if i have a mental problem). Our new principal can be a bit of a pain - tries to follow me home each night...bit weird actually....

By the way, can someone fuigure out where we are on the map of Australia and show mum - she asked me if we could hire DVD's from Katherine the other day and was surprised when Adrian answered - 'Yes, and then our carrier pigeon returns it'!

Anywho, time to go and help dig up our garden - we're having a roast tonight. Oh, and if anyone gets bored - send us some snail mail - we have plenty of time to respond!! (Kathy your letter will be in the mail real soon!)

Maree and/or Adrian
Robinson River School
PMB 145
Katherine, NT 0852.

Hope you're all happy and healthy!

Luv Maree