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Adrian&Maree’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 10 Sep 2006

Location: Australia

MapThe fearless leader has returned to his post. After learning that Maree hadnt managed to cook herself a single meal while i was gone, i set about sitting on the couch and having her cook me a feed!! What a lovely lady!!
The trip to Melbourne was very interesting. It was great to see the kids faces when they saw things for the first time. A couple of them would have sore necks from continuosly staring up at the buildings. While others burnt much of their spare energy chasing pidgens.
All of the mob loved the MCG and travelling on the trains and Trams, but all of the kids got most excited about going on the esculators and lifts in the shopping centres.
It was great to catch up with Mum and Dad (who Doreen has a crush on) Seanaid and family as well as Rich,Poidy Manannananda and Squash.
Since arriving back in RR many of the kids havent stopped talking about the trip and they ae still taking it all in.
It would be the same if any of you people out there came to visit us in Robinson.
Thats all time to go