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Adrian&Maree’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 19 Oct 2006

Location: Australia

MapHello out there to all our faithful followers.
Sorry that there hasnt been an up date for a while but things have been fairly flat out ina cruisy sort of way in Robinson River!!
We have a number of new photos to add of our recent trip around the Katherine area and Troy Dann like adventure of mustering bull on the salt plains of the Gulf of Carpanteria. Farmers such as Mat Drum reckon they work hard well well well you havent seen bull catchers work is what i have to say to them. Also if you are a fan of the Balldale farmer and the regions most eligable batchelor then watch this place very closely!!!!!

The build up to the wet has well and truley started with temperatures consistantly hitting 40 degrees or very close to the mark, with a nice drop of humdity in the air. The clouds have been rolling in at about 3pm each afternoon but have delivered nothing.

I have been doing a bit of good bush walking lately (Maree is scared of the snakes and Clive) Clive is the local nurse who also enjoys walking. We nearly killed poor old Bob the other day 10km over rough terrain was nearly to much forn the vertran West Virginian Hunter to handle. Plus the fact the he averaged 1 dart per km on the walk. There is some cool country side up here with ruggard escarpements and lush valleys with running water paperbark trees and pandanus palms, not to mention the lovely Noogoorah Bur ( Scorne of the top end)

Preparations have began for the RRS christmas extraviganza, this promises to be one hell of an evening with childrens performances awards carols and if everyone in the community has been good we might be lucky enough to get a visit from Santa Clas (however we are having a few difficulties attracking volunteers to fill this position so if you are keen please contact Maree Helm on 08 89759828 after business hours.

That is all for now there will be more when we down load the rest of the photos.