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Adrian&Maree’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 02 Dec 2006

Location: Australia

MapHowdy all - we hope this finds everyone filling up with christmas cheer!

Cyclone Hetty blew into town last Friday and is now probably known by more people than me!! She took charge of Bob's yr1s, 2s and 3s for the week and did a fabulous job. They painted and sang and learnt the christmas story and sang and learnt some addition and......sang!! The kids loved her enthusiasm and seemed to enjoy having her around. We loved having her around - particularly when she took the whole school for singing lessons and taught them the words to '6 white boomers'! It was great having a friendly positive face around and i'll be sad when she leaves Monday. She may return with a few extra bods - i saw her trying to recruit a few of my little ones - she was particularly taken by Cane Toad!!

Only two weeks till the end of term - we're all rushing to get our christmas acts sorted (i could hear Adrian through the wall the other day singing about Christmas in a rusty Holden ute - what a voice!!) I'm sick to death of 'Christmas where the gum trees grow' but the kids just become more enthusiastic with each practise!

We are reeeeeallllllly ready for a break - its been a fantastic but challenging five months - time to chill out and relax! We're heading to Tasi after Christmas to visit Clibe and Beronica (the nurse and his wife) and see some pretty sites. Hope to catch up with some of you luvly people (and some not so luvly ones..!!)

Thanks for keeping us updates with your lives - we really appreciate the messages!!

Luv to you all

Adrian and Maree xo