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Adrian&Maree’s Travel Diary

Friday, 09 Feb 2007

Location: Australia

MapHowdy people,

Thanks to everyone who reminded us we haven't written in a while!! We have, once again, been really busy (aprat from holidaying!!) The last two weeks have been full of school stuff and getting back into it all.

Holidays were fantastic - it was luvly to see everyone in Melbourne, although then i miss u all too much! Tasi was really pretty - Vron and Clibe were extremely hospitable - particularly when they let Adrian win their family's poker jackpot!!

So, most of you would know by now that we are pregnant (although Adrian claims he's done his part, so it's 'me', not 'we')!! - we are very excited (although a little wary of who the little critter will be more like....!) And no, i am not showing yet!! We are 3.5 months and due in early early August. As soon as i pop out there will be pictures!!

School has been surprisingly easy to slip back into - the kids are working really well and seem happy. We have had a bit of rain - the roads are closed and the rivers are up, but mostly its been lotsa sunshine!

Thanks to thoseo f you who keep checking for updates - we promise to have new photos by next weekend!

Luv to everyone - hope u r having a wonderful 2007

Maree and Adrian xo