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Adrian&Maree’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 05 Jan 2008

MapOkay - so we are back by popular demand...hehehe!! Have put some new photos up.

Well it was a very eventful year just passed - we finished our time at Robinson river, moved to Rye with manda and squash, had a baby and got married! Daisy is nearly 5 months old and thriving - very much a tubba bubba!! Her latest trick is sucking on her big toe, which i assume was encouraged by her father.

We had a luvly, small, wedding ceremony near Sorrento front beach and the weather held out, which was awesome. Daisy showed her overwhelming happiness at this event by crying the whole way through it! The reception was held at a restaurant in Rye that Squash works at called Bamboo - it was a great venue overlooking the beach. Good food, fine was cool!

Then it was time to say farewell to our Rye family (manda, squash and bung), which was very sad and pack to move to Bickerton Island. Oh yeah, i forgot to mention, Adrian got a job in the NT on an island called Bickerton. He is teaching principal. We are also lucky enough to have scored Matt as a teacher (Matt was teaching principal at a community called Kiana, near Robinson River) So he, his wife and his 6month old boy Elijah will be travelling to Bickerton to begin the new school year with us!

It has been awesome catching up with all our friends and family - but time to move on to our next adventure.

So, bye for now - speak soon, and leave a message if u get time xoxoxo the conroy clan