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Adrian&Maree’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 28 Feb 2008

Location: Australia

MapHi guys - how goes it in the wide world of real milk, radio and more than two t.v stations???!

Well, its been an interesting start to our time at Bickerton - school is finally taking on some semblance of routine. Had a few crazy events at the start of term , but all seems to have settled down.

It is a very different community to Robinson but we have received great support and are slowly learning who's related to who (seemingly everyone is someone's uncle's brother's sisters mother!!) The people here speak Anindilyakwa (un-dilli-ak-waa) and i can't imagine we'll ever be able to understand more than a few words, as it seems to be a very complex language. So far, we have managed to pick up a few of the semi-english words, 'nara' = no, 'fan-wall' = airconditioner and 'boonana' = banana. So we are on our way....!

Have traipsed across to the main community on Groote Eylandt - Alyangula- a few times (its a 10 minute flight in a single-engine) - it is pretty much a white fella's mining community with an IGA, coffe shop mmmmmm milkshakes...., newpaper shop and!!! There is a resort over there just been built and prices start from $450 a night....can pretty much guarantee we won't be frequenting it!!! - Groote has two other communities, Umbakumba and Anuragu - cool names huh?!

Anywho - Daisy is absolutely thriving (as you can see in the pictures). She is very vocal and likes blowing random raspberries. She has decided not to crawl but loves sitting up. I think she is perhaps the most popular person in the community - wherever we go people are yelling out 'daaaaaaayyyyysy' or putting their heads in her stroller - she takes it all in her stride! Adrian is not doing too badly in the popular stakes too - im just cursing that the kids here say my name the same as the Robinson mob, which is 'Moori'......hoping to change that one!

Well - i would be going to the shop after this, but someone cursed it earlier this afternoon, so it is closed till tomorrow!!

Luv to you all and your families - leave us a message if you get a chance xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo