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Adrian&Maree’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 07 May 2008

Location: Australia

MapHola Signor/itas,

New photos under April 08.

Wonderful to hear from peoples! Just had two long weekends in a row...gotta luv the NT. AJ insists the second long weekend was in celebration of his 30th, and has confused some of the locals with this info. The little fellow jaunted his way across to Darwin this morning for a 'cluster meeting'....sounds a little suss to me!

Not much to report - sighted a croc the other day, about 3.5 metres, apparantly it is a long-term local. As we were discussing whether it was a net or a tree, it slid into the water and cruised about two hundred metres out. AJ's 'be alert, not alarmed' philosophy came into play (only thing he learnt from Johnnie boy) and we now walk a little further away from the water on our bayside walks!

Congratulations to Mill and Kathleen on the birth of their baby boy today - unsure of a name yet. And thank-you for the invite to your bday Kate, but will have to take a rain-check!!

DC is grand - manages to bum shuffle around - can get on her belly and comando crawl backwards, which is rather amusing for us and frustrating for her.

A few people have been asking for our address, so here it is:
Milyakburra School
pmb 5 Bickerton Island
Via Alyangula
NT 0885

Cheers to you all and hope the capsicums are crispy xoxoxoxoxo