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Adrian&Maree’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 25 Oct 2008

Location: Australia

MapHello out there in the world of iced coffees and restaurants,

Sorry to those people who check our site - we have been completely slack on the diary/photo front, but have hopefully made up for it now!

AJ will update you on his jaunt to Melbourne with the kids. DC and i had a great time catching up briefly with the relo's. We were back for a night then flew to Cairns and spent a week in Port Douglas which was awesome. Spent a day on the reef and had a snorkel and dive and ate yummy food and saw lots of pretty places.....very relaxing.

So....onto some bigger news.....we are having another little rudigar! It is due to enter the world around the 12th of March next year! Had a scan the other week and all is looking good.

A little note on DC - she started walking last week - she is slowly getting more confidant - and still resorts to crawling when the distance looks too far, but she's getting there! She is saying a few words like Daisy and Daddy and 'this' and she does a lot of grunting and growling and pointing at things - not exactly a dainty little princess!! She waves goodbye to people with bother her hand and her head - which looks quite amusing, and has decided that she doesn't really like the word 'no'.

But all is well for us Conroys and im looking forward to catching up with people over christmas! Hope everyone is happy and healthy and would love to hear from you!