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Adrian&Maree’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 15 Feb 2009

Location: Australia

MapHey guys,

Hope you all had a merry christmas etc and are well into swing for the year. AJ had a great time OS bobbing in the dead sea and other such adventures! DC and i enjoyed hanging out with family and friends and Barda-dog enjoyed her time with Tomroy (maybe a little too much.....hehehehe!)

The school year has begun very smoothly - two new teachers aboard, Kirsten who takes the senior kids and Jemma who's taking AL full time for the term.

Weather has been awesome - lots of rain and some wacker thunderstorms - one that shook the house!

We head out of here very shortly to have the next addition to the family in Darwin...we're thinking its going to be another large one based on the width of the belly!

There are some new pics to check out if you have time - thanks for visiting and drop us a line - we love to hear what everyone is up to.

Luv always, us xoxoxoxxoxoxxoxoxoxooxoxxoxoxooxooxxoxoxooxxo