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Chantel Ens’s Travel Diary

Monday, 08 Nov 2004

Location: Bath, UK

MapAnd the adventures continue! Well, shopping adventures anyway. Lindsay and I drove up an hour and a half to the town of Street. It's a great little place, and I spent a little money! Then when we were done shopping we drove up to Bath, which was half an hour away from that. We were trying to find the train station but ended up going down some road which lead to the University of Bath. As soon as we got down it we had these parking attendants directing us in and stuff and so we followed where they said to go and we had no idea what was going on. We got out of the van and followed the streams of people and ended up in kind of a field type thing. It turns out they were having their fireworks display! That was pretty cool. It only lasted for about 15 minutes. Then we wandered around the campus trying to look for bathrooms, which we eventually found. And THEN we went back to our lovely van and slept in there. I tell you, that's such a wonderful van, the sleeping was pretty comfy. The seats in the back all fold down to make a bed, it was quite surprisingly nice. On Sunday morning we went to the Roman baths which were AWESOME! And we also did a little bit of shopping around there.

That was my adventure in Bath. Next up . . . Stonehenge?