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Chantel Ens’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 27 Nov 2004

Location: Stonehenge, UK

MapI've got one word that can completely sum up Stonehenge:


Why is it that so many people want to see this? Don't get me wrong they are cool stones for stones but why is it so famous? Because the history is a mystery? Well, anyway, whatever the reason I've been there, seen them and taken pictures. Enough said.

Now yesterday we had an awesome adventure. Monkey World! If any of you ever come to England you have to go to Monkey World! It's an ape rescue center and it's so much fun! I felt like I was ten again, and probably looked like it too . . . but what can I say, Sonya and I were too tempted by the cool park!

This week we also went back to Lulworth and got some great pictures! They are going to turn out so well when I get them developed, which is going to be the only time that you are going to see them because I'm not going to be posting any more pictures on here.

I will see you all soon. This has been a great adventure but I can't wait to get home!