The Journey Home.’s Travel Diary

Monday, 24 Jul 2006

Location: Reykjavik, Iceland

MapAs a little goodbye (for now) present to ourselves Stacy (my fellow teacher mate) and I decided we needed to have one last holiday together before I left London. So Iceland it was! Getting up early on Monday morning (our first real day of holidays) to get to the airport wasn't the best idea but it was well worth it. Monday afternoon we joined a tour to see the Geysir's (which Stacy and I found strangely amusing), we also saw the Gullfoss waterfall, a volcanic crater and the crazy landscape of Iceland, complete with fat sheep and miniature horses (i will add some photos).

Summer in Iceland gave us temperatures of 15degrees which the locals found extremely hot, well I gathered that from the amount of ice-cream I saw them consuming. As it was expensive we searched for all the regular fast food outlets however it may well be the only place on earth without a McDonalds!!

Visiting the Blue Lagoon (a geothermal spa) was the highlight of our trip and it left us feeling like new women! We also enjoyed seeing the sun still up at 11.45pm although I'm not sure I could live there in the winter when they apparently only have three hours of daylight.

We are back in London now before Matt and I leave for Spain, Portugal and France tomorrow. Just a reminder to everyone that our leaving do is on Saturday 12th August starting at 5pm at The Latchmere pub. Also just wanted to take this time to thank everyone at school for making my last day (and the past three years) very enjoyable. I was touched by all your kind words and all your lovely cards are packed in my boxes to take back with me.

Well until Linda