The Journey Home.’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 03 Aug 2006

Location: Santiago de Compostella, Spain


Time for another update so here goes... After 2 days of surfing and relaxing on the beach in Bidart, France it was time to push on back the way we came along the A8 past San seb and onto a pokey little fishing village called Ribadesella on the north coast of spain. On the way we passed the impressive picos de europe national park. We only stayed 1 night to break up the journey to Santiago De Compostella. The camp site was right near a construction site so glad we only stayed 1 night. Surf was reasonable but unable to get a board so just went for a body bash.

Leaving the next day we made our way to Santiago De Compostella and arrived in the early afternoon, got briefly lost finding the camp site but eventually found it. We have mixed reactions on this site as the pitch area was just dirt so our tent looks rather dusty. On the other hand it has a super pool which i attacked with vigour, also it has showers better than some hotels i have stayed in, don´t know what that says about my choice of hotels.

Now for Santiago for those that don´t know Santiago is a finishing point for a very famous christian pilgrimage starting from various places in Western Europe. Loads of lunatics walk hundreds and hundreds of kilometers to get to this place believing that one of the Apostles St James (Santiago) was carried here in 44AD so they do the same. Now apples and i are both catholic and have read the history on this and this is blind faith at it´s best!! Anyhoo what ever floats ya boat.

Because of this pilgrimage the centre of Santiago has some stunning churches and has a very pretty city centre so well worth a look.

Tomorrow we are off to Portugal for some more beach and relaxation and also to test the water temp of the northern Atlantic!!! Photos will be updated then.

Apples and i have just taken on a massive plate of Paella and are looking for a bit of a siesta so we´ll chat later.

Take care.