The Journey Home.’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 08 Aug 2006

Location: Salamanca, Spain

MapWell after Matt´s attempt yesterday to write a diary entry he has now given me the duties so here goes.

We spent two days in Viana do Castelo in Portugal. This place was great, we enjoyed having the beach within a few hundred metres of our campsite and Matt attempted the freezing waters of the Atlantic Ocean while I watched with admiration from the shores. The afternoons were spent chilling out or going into town via the ferry to have a look around and maybe just pick up some more accessories.......on this occassion the shops made me one happy woman and Matt one moody man! I managed to pick up a few belts, earrings and some thongs (flip flops) just to add to my collection.

Next we were driving south to Figueria da Foz for two nights. Matt wanted to go there for the surf, however the surf was flat and this time Matt stuck to the warmer waters of the campsite swimming pools. Reading through the Portugal guide I found that there was a market with quote "everything you need and more" so you can imagine my excitement of the prospect of the whole place filled with accessories! However to my disappointment it didn´t live up to the expectations and I left empty handed......yes empty handed (Matt´s lucky day!)

We both enjoyed Portugal, it was very hot but great to get some sort of colour into our pastey skin. I particularly enjoyed the Portugese cakes and tarts........they are delicious!

Now we have crossed the border back into Spain for our last night of the tour. We have just arrived in Salamanca and on first impressions we like what we see. We will be here for one night and then back to Bilbao for our flight back to London.

Oh and just if you have heard on the news about the fires in Spain and Portugal we were diverted the other day off the motorway but they are in the north west so luckily we missed it by a couple of days.

Take care

Love Linda (Apples) and Matt