The Journey Home.’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 13 Aug 2006

Location: London, UK


Well it has taken till 8pm to leave the house after an extremely large night at our leaving party last night. Apples started early with her buddy Mel drinking kahlua's and vodka at around 4pm. I was still dusty after friday night's effort so waitied till i got to the latchmere for a pint.

We got to the Pub and cranked up the BBQ, it was my first time on gas BBQ for a while so no one was really surprised when i nearly burnt it to the ground. The coroner revealed it was a oil build up that started the blaze and i was releived of all blame!! I believe Pstar has some photos of the incident and will be revealing them to the world shortly.

After the pub shut Pstar and Jo offered the use of their house for a kick on party which was great fun. Finishing up around 4am almost 12 hours after it started we all headed home to crash.

We would like to thank everyone for turning up it was great to see you all and big thanks to Lindee lou and Cliff for the presents and Pstar and Jo for letting us mess up their house.

I have placed a few photos of the event. Next update will be in a few days after we spend some time in Miami.

Tuesday afternoon we fly to New York and at present it doesn't look like being delayed or cancelled so fingers crossed.


Matt and Apples.