The Journey Home.’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 19 Aug 2006

Location: Miami, USA

MapThis is our last day in Miami so we thought we should update our site with our thoughts on the place.

Overall we think Miami is ok, it seems very expensive especially using the Internet and eating out. Although we really like the Art Deco buildings and we went for a walk this morning to check them all out. However we don't like the humidity, I really hope home isn't this humid! We hit the beach which has beautiful crystal clear water however it does little to refresh you as it is very warm. We spent our days checking out the shops, swimming, relaxing, people watching (as this place is a gay mecca we have seen some amusing sights) and checking out their massive cars........we can't believe how big their cars are and have trouble spotting a small car (and if it is small it is usually a sports car).

Yesterday we took a day trip down to Florida Keys. We stopped off at Key West which was ok although we had visions of an beautiful island. What we got instead was one shopping street with very expensive prices and Matt couldn't find a place to swim. But we were glad we went and checked it out.

Well tomorrow we are catching a bus to Orlando, where we will spend our days at the theme parks.

Later Linda and Matt