The Journey Home.’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 24 Aug 2006

Location: Orlando, USA

MapHowdy All,

First and foremost apologies for lack of updates lately but we have been pretty rushed and finding an internet cafe that doesn't charge $15 an hour is rare as we need the time to upload the photos. Finally i am at a nice cafe in Chicago and have pletny of time to update so here goes.....

The last time we checked in we were leaving humid sticky Miami for Orlando a couple of hundred clicks up the road. We stayed in Orlando for 4 nights and had three full days to attack the theme parks. After buying tickets at the official tourist centre as opposed to getting half price tickets from these outlets that make you sit in a 2 hour sales pitch to buy a timeshare. Don't do it as you can spend half your time at the meeting missing valuable park time!

First day we went to Disneyland at the Magic Kingdom park for the real disney experience, we were a bit moody that the tea cups were closed but we got over it quickly, we did all the rides and had a great day.

Second day we put on the budgie smugglers and headed for wet and wild. It was good to get in the water and get thrown around a bit, so looking forward to surfing again!!

Third day we did a day trip out to the kennedy space center which was awesome as the shuttle was already out at the launch pad for Sunday's launch which got canned due to lighting i am told. Very informative and amazing place well worth a look.

The next day we flew to New York for 2 nights before our camp trip started...see next entry, plus photos!!!

Matt and Linda.