The Journey Home.’s Travel Diary

Monday, 28 Aug 2006

Location: Chicago, USA

Righto guys after back dating the last message here comes the next update... (both messages written in Chicago on same day i think ya's follow.)

After Orlando we flew to New York for 2 days of R & R before the camping trip and also to get some relief from the stifling humidity in Florida sometimes over 70%

Whilst in New York we just walked around checking out shops and places we enjoyed when we were here last year. We also thought it would be a good idea to watch the World Trade Centre movie while in New York, pretty moving picture with a few tears from the lady on my right.

So roll on Saturday 26th my 29th Birthday and the first day of our 28 day camping tour from New York to LA. After the initial paper work and meeting the other 11 people on tour we jumped in the bus and covered around 600k's to get to Niagara falls with time to pitch our tents before dark. After dinner and a few cold drinks we all headed over the border into Canada to look at the falls lit up at night, very pretty. Very good end to my birthday after sitting in a van all day, but having your foot in 2 countries on your birthday was a treat. Apples and the tour leader were a bit sneaky and sorted a birthday cake which was cool, chocolate cake and beer!! (Thanks to all for the birthday wishes will collect beers on my return!!)

The next day we went to the falls for the maid of the mist tour which is a boat ride that drives rather close to the falls and gets you pretty wet. After a couple of hours getting pics we were back in the van to drive to Ohio for a one night stop before heading to chicago.

So now we are in Chicago arriving a few hours ago and our mission was to get online and update the page as we were getting behind then out for dinner shortly.

With regards to the camp trip we are doing some long days driving initially to get to where the best parts are so for the first 5 day we won't have a great deal to update on. But basically we put up our tents, with a roster system to cook and clean and with everyone pitching in it works well.

So now we are in Chicago for 2 nights in a hotel as we are for a couple of cities as the camp grounds are too far out of town.

Will update in again in a few days depending on where we are.

Hope your all well

Old Matt and Linda.