The Journey Home.’s Travel Diary

Friday, 01 Sep 2006

Location: Chicago and Badlands, USA


First off respect to Steve Irwin.

Okay got some time to do internet so have back dated messages so look around for old posts.

We spent 2 days in chicago (the windy city) taking a stroll around the place but it was a bit moody as it was rainging most of the time and wasn't good for getting shots of the skyline. Not sure that i told you guys but the first 5 days of the tour were raining. We liked chicago as it was a very clean city and quite easy to walk the city. Linda and I walked to Sears tower but didn't go to the top and spent the rest of the day walking around and taking a cruise on Lake Michigan see pics.

In addition to that the group went out for authentic deep dish Chicago pizza, didn't rate it as it takes well over an hour to cook and the thick base tastes like a scone!!

After chicago we had 2 long days of driving to get to Badlands national park which is crazy landscape in the middle of no where. We went hiking while others went horseback riding got some good pics see attached.

Following that we drove to devil's tower to spend the night before making our way to Cody, Wyoming. The night was extremely cold and the next day everyone hit the supermarkets for extra clothes and blankets.

Tomorrow off to Cody for a Rodeo!!!

Matt and Apples