The Journey Home.’s Travel Diary

Monday, 04 Sep 2006

Location: Cody and Yellowstone NP., USA

MapHowdy Partners,

After the cold night at Devils tower we jumped in our familiar van for some familiar road miles.... and ended up in Cody Wyoming the home of the Rodeo. As luck would have it it was a saturday night and there was a rodeo so we all got tickets and went along. There was even a few Ozzie guys riding, one from Qld although he got surprise. After the rodeo we went to a typical western bar and had a few drinks and i ran into a few more Ozzie cowboys over here doing the rodeo tour, seems to be lots of ozzies on the rodeo circuit. A good night was had and i came home with a cowboy hat!

After Cody we made our way to the highlight of the tour so far which was Yellowstone National Park, as i write this we have just finished our last day here and we had a great time. The national park has everything from lakes, waterfalls, geysers, Elk, Bison, and Bears!! This morning we were in the van at 6am to go looking for animals anfter spooting some Elk a moose and some bison we thought we may left our run late to see a bear...but alas we saw a few cars parked up ahead and as i wazs riding shotgun i rolled down the window and said "what you looking at mate" and he said there a bear in the tree eating pine nuts! We all jumped out and got some cracking photos from about 20ft away absolutely brilliant!!!

After seeing the bear with the safety of the car not to far away we thought the best thing to do was leave the car and go hiking for 2 hours with the tour leader saying "just make noise and the bears will be scared" briliiant i thought as we carried on. No more bears to be seen but simply amazing scenery. This place is a must for anyone and eveyone!!

In an hour or so we are going swimming in a part of the river where the hot waters from the geyers meet the cold waters of the river creating spa like temperatures. We did it last night and it was brilliant.

Oh well time to upload some photos Glacier National Park is the next stop. Havin a ball.

Matt and Linda.