The Journey Home.’s Travel Diary

Friday, 08 Sep 2006

Location: Banff, Canada

MapAfter spending two nights in Glacier National Park we are now in Banff, Canada. We really liked Glacier National Park and spend one day hiking in bear country for five hours which was well worth it when we made it to the top.

Crossing the border into Canada was great as it was the first time we have had phone signal for the past five days, we were really shocked to find out that in the middle of America phone signal is not available, even in the bigger towns like Cody.

We stopped off in Calgary for lunch, it was great to see Stacy's home town and I'm sure I will be back for a visit sometime soon. Now we are in Banff which is a beautiful place, I've taken the easy option today of going shopping with the girls while Matt has hired a mountain bike for the day with a group of guys from the tour. Tomorrow we are off to Lake Louise for some more hiking!

We are half way through the tour now and we are having a great time, the camping issue is going alright although it is a little uneasy sleeping in bear country. Apparently you are just supposed to make noise to let them know that you are with Matt's snoring hopefully the bears will stay away unless they think it is some kind of mating call then we could be in trouble.

Take care
Linda and Matt