The Journey Home.’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 10 Sep 2006

Location: Banff, Canada

MapG'day Guys,

Well after an adjustment to the tour which meant an extra day in banff i have time to elaborate on Linda's last message with a few stats.

Firstly well done the knights and tough luck for the broncos hehehe!

The hike we did in glacier national park was pretty tough and was a 19km trip with 1600ft of elevation. It took us 3 hours to get up but only 1.5 hours to get down. We were extremely knackered after it and a good kip was had that night.

Two days later when we arrived in Banff, Canada a few lads and I went mountain bike riding along Lake minniwanka. It was 32km out and back and i have never been so stuffed in my entire life. We were so remote it was deafly quiet. Didn't help that there was a bear alert on that trail but luckily we didn't see any.

Yesterday we went up to lake louise to check it out and also to do another hike. This time it was only 7km with 300m of elevation but with the previous hike and mountain bike ride behind it was more than enough. When we got to the bottom we all had a little kip

Tonight it is our turn to cook so we are off to the supermarket shortly and tomorrow we make our way towards Vancouver for a few days.

Have had a super time in Cananda so far and are looking forward to the remainder of the trip.

Tune in again in a few days. I have put on a few more pics so have a squizz!!

Take care,

MC and Apples.