The Journey Home.’s Travel Diary

Monday, 18 Sep 2006

Location: San Francisco, USA


Time for an update since Banff.....

After we left Banff we headed for Vancouver to continue the Canadian mission. After such a great time in Banff Vancouver was a bit of a let down, pretty dirty city with homeless people everywhere begging for money. We stayed 2 nights and then headed onto seattle for the night. I tried to hunt down the club where Nirvana and Pearl Jam played their first concerts but it has since turned into a hair salon.

From Seattle we have had some long driving days to make our way to San Fransico making 2 over night stops along the way. Fistly we stopped at Oregon to camp and then head for dune buggy action the next day. We spent about an hour cruising the dunes and having loads of fun. Next stop was the Redwood national Park which is home to some of the biggest, tallest, oldest trees in the world. We visited the aptly named "big tree" which is 1500 years old and 370ft high with 21ft of diameter. It truly was a big mama that deserved it's title. I have photos to upload but won't be doing it today as this computer is rubbish.

So yesterday afternoon we arrived in San Francisco and what a beautiful city it is. We scored beautiful blue skies to walk the Golden Gate bridge and got some great pics of the city and the bridge which you will see when i find a computer better than the commodore 64 i am currently using!!

Today we got up early and walked from our hotel down to the pier for our trip over to alcatraz which was great fun. They haven't really done much to the prison since it closed in 1964 and you can get inside the cells and walk the whole island which was cool. As i write we just finished walking back through the city via Coit tower which has great views of the city and then through China town. Linda is off shopping around the corner and i will be sneaking off for a beer and maybe a nap.....

Tomorrow we are back in the van for the drive to Yosemite national park where we will stay 2 nights, until then.....

Matt and Linda.

P.S Keeping quiet about the broncos hey rob?? Don't worry linda is giving me loads of grief!!
P.P.S (from Linda) Thanks Jan and Mel for the Broncos score, I am amazed that Phil hasn't posted it on our site for us all to see! Just got back from shopping, got some cool bargains!