The Journey Home.’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 23 Sep 2006

Location: Los Angeles, USA

MapHey there,

Well since our last update we have finished our 28 day camping tour and are now fending for ourselves.... So here's the latest since San fran.

After leaving San Francisco we drove to Yosemite National park where we stayed for 2 days. Yosemite valley is spectacular and was created by a glacier 250 million years ago and has left some awesome rock features. On the first day we checked out some really old trees well over a 1000 years old then made camp.

The next day we options to hike, chill or ride bikes. I took the option of hiking to the top of the Half dome whilst Linda grabbed a bike and cruised the valley floor with some buddies. I am still getting over the hike i did as it was 17 miles long with 4800ft of elevation and took 8.5 hours. I didn't do the final part of the hike as you have to climb up a rock face (the original North face to be exact) with a chain ladder and my fear of heights well and truly kicked in.

After Yosemite we made our way to LA stopping for one last night of camping and solid drinking which brought an up and under from the tour leader...brilliant.

So we have been in LA for a couple of days and have seen quite a bit including Santa Monica Pier, Venice Beach, Hollywood, Rodeo drive and all the usual haunts which we will fill you in on when the net isn't 25 cents a minute!!!

Tomorrow we fly to Vegas (not Brisbane) to check it out before we head to Hawaii for the final chapter

More updates and promised photos when internet prices become reasonable.

Matt and Linda.

Go the Storm on Sunday!!!! (Rob- reply to my email regarding visiting Newcastle???.)