The Journey Home.’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 27 Sep 2006

Location: Las Vegas & Honolulu, USA


We are now in Hawaii our last stop of our trip home! After getting on the earlier flight out of LA we arrived last night and got very excited about our hotel which has free internet!! Although at the moment Matt is having trouble putting photos on the site so sorry about that but we really thought that travelling through America using the internet would be easy!

We spent two nights in Las Vegas which was what we expected, full of people and bright lights! The first night we walked up and down the main strip checking out all the cool hotels and watching a few of the hotels free shows. We were staying at Treasure Island which has a cool pirate type show. We put a few dollars on the through the slot machines and then we played the roulette table (which is my favourite!), I came away the big winner with a total winnings of $10, which I spend on one drink at a bar! Anyway we had a early night (for vegas standards) as we had booked a 14 hour tour starting at 6.30am to the Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon.

The Hoover Dam was amazing and we both really wished that we could have stopped and had a good look around. We travelled on route 66 for a bit on the way. We decided to opt for a bus trip rather than the helicopter option but it was worth it because we got some cool pictures and were able to walk alongside the canyon.

As I said we are now in Honolulu, Matt had no luck with the photo uploading so he had a little tantrum and we will probably put photos on when we get back to Oz. We will spend today doing Matt's favourite pastime (shopping.....hahha). We will probably hire a car at some stage to go and check out Pearl Harbour and all the surfing beaches, Matt wants to do this on Friday I think because the surf is supposed to be bigger.

Well I hope that everyone is well, we miss the people in London lots and think about you guys all the time. As for the people in Oz we will see you very soon!! I will take this opportunity now for a very important message............GO THE BRONCOS!!!!

Later love Linda and Matt