The Journey Home.’s Travel Diary

Friday, 06 Oct 2006

Location: Nambour/Newcastle, Australia

MapWell I thought that I better write our last diary entry. We are now safely back home, Matt is in Newcastle and I am up on the Sunshine Coast.

We are both loving being at home and are spending our days seeing everyone and buying new toys. I bought a new car and Matt has got himself a skateboard and a surfboard so you can clearly see who is the grown up out of the two of us!

Matt has added some photos to our site that we weren't able to upload while we were away. I am sure that he will put on his photo with Sunny Garcia very soon.

We are both still jobless at the moment but Matt already has a few interviews up my way at the end of the month. I will be visiting schools next week to see about getting any relief work, so hoepfully something comes of that.

Thanks to everyone for letting us share our travels with you, we had a great time!!!

Take care

Luv Linda (Apples) and Matt