The Journey Home.’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 01 Nov 2006

Location: Newcastle, Australia

MapG'Day All,

It seems there's still a group of faithful internet folk who are still checking our site so here's a little update for ya's!!

The last couple of weeks has seen a trip up to QLD for MG and Nicky's wedding a couple of job interviews for me and then back to Newcastle for 2 more weddings. Just yesterday i was offered a full time job with Cardno consulting at their Maroochydore office. Great location for a lot of reasons i will get into later.

So i start work on the 13th November so i have a few days to drive up the coast surfing along the way before i get back to Nambour for a week of R & R before i'm back to work.

As i spoke about earlier my new office is a great location as we have put down a holding deposit on a brand new townhouse around the corner from work so pending finance and all the rest of those little technicalities we may be able to move in before Xmas and i will fulfill my life long dream of being able to ride my skateboard to work, not only that but you are able to wear shorts to work!!!! brilliant!!!

As for Linda she's been a little champion pestering all the schools on the sunny coast picking up a few days here and there and i'm sure all her hard work will pay off with a contract of some sort in the not to distant future.

But right now it's that tough or golf?????

MC and Apples.

P.S Some more pics of recent weddings if you wish to have a gander.