The Journey Home.’s Travel Diary

Friday, 10 Nov 2006

Location: Sunshine Coast, Australia


Well I thought that I should write a message seen as Matt has written the last few.

Things are great and we both feel like we have been back for a lot longer than a month and a bit (in a good way though). I have been really busy since we touched back down putting out my CV to anyone who wants it. I'm doing a few days supply teaching a week and I am back working at Kmart on the weekends. I have a few interviews with private schools coming up to do supply work there so hopefully something comes of that.

We officially grew up today, we signed our first contract on our new townhouse so if all goes to plan we will be in before Christmas. It is all very exciting and we just can't believe how quickly we have bought a place but we both really love it.

Our boxes from the UK finally arrived so it is like Christmas here. I read all my goodbye cards again from London and it made me miss you guys even more. I really do miss having a full time job and my own class but I guess that will happen one day. I also counted all the shoes I have..........mmmm let's just say that I really do have a serious problem there and the number of belts I have isn't too far behind the shoe number.

Matt starts work on Monday and all I can say is about time!!! Although he claims to have worked really hard over the past few weeks running around chasing up all the home loan business etc there is always a surfing story for every home loan/house one.

Well that is about it, I hope everyone is well and speak to you all later
luv Linda and Matt