The Journey Home.’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 28 Nov 2006

Location: Maroochydore, Australia

MapGood Morning All,

Well we have just witnessed the poms being well beaten in the Gabba test but i feel it too early to make bold predictions about the series and also to avoid removing egg from my face like last year!!!

There was quite a contingent of us who attended the first day at the gabba and only 4 of us who had tickets for every day of the test. The first day was fantastic as we saw Ponting get a super ton.

The second day was a mixed result as one of my mates was removed from the ground for smuggling in bundy rum and slapped with a $375 fine. Not only that but he missed Glen McGrath clean up the top order in the afternoon and almost completing a hat trick.

Day 3 was a little more subdued as the riot police kept a very close eye on us and a few others in front of us. BUt again a great day as McGrath picked up his 5 for.

Day 4 we didn't bother going as our livers and wallets had taken a pounding and we figured a day on the lounge was a better idea. It turned out to be a god send as the poms finally started having a go and we were all in the safety of our lounge rooms and didn't have to listen to the poms carry on!!

Day 5 back to work and the ozzies cleaned up the tail pretty quickly for a well deserved victory.

Roll on the Adelaide test on Friday but for now :(