The Journey Home.’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 24 Mar 2007

Location: Maroochydore, Australia

MapG'Day All,

Well we got the photos of the house up finally, hope you enjoyed. Settlement happened the week just gone so we are now part of the mortgage paying fraternity for the next 30 years......

We have had my folks up for the weekend which was nice, then the following weekend my sister and boyfriend came up. I took them to Eumundi markets and Noosa and a good time had by all. Dad and i also got waves at Nationals, Noosa which wasn't as hard as getting a park!!!

I have also passed my 3 month probation at work so am now set at work which is good with the mortgage factor now a reality.

Linda has been given a full terms work after easter which is great news although she has already been working at least 4 days a week over the last month anyway so tis a reward for her hardwork.

We thought leaving hectic London things would slow down but they are still moving at break neck speed, but to be honest i think we both like being on the go.

Over easter Linda's buddy Stacey is visiting from the UK so Linda is very excited and looking forward to shopping with her teaching buddy!!!

Over easter I will be in Newcastle to visit the family and also for a few sneeky brews to celebrate my sister's engagement to Neil the pom. Very happy for the both of them and looking forward to having the whole Callender family in the Callender ranch for the first time in a few years.....Break out the expensive red Phil!!!

Big respect to the faithful still reading our poorly updated site...

Is 5 o'clock somewhere so i am having a brew!


MC and Apples.