The Journey Home.’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 03 May 2007

Location: Maroochydore, Australia

MapG'day All,

Not a great deal to report of late except the hectic pace is starting to slow up and a sensible routine has been added to our lives. We have both joined the gym and are getting down there a few times a week, nothing extravagant at the moment just easing our way back in.

Apples had some mixed fortune with her job, she lost the contract at Bli Bli with two days before the end of term. Another teacher came in from another Sunshine coast school to take the permanent role, but then Linda was given that teachers job at another school called Burnside. Sounds confusing? well it is so you may have to discuss that with Linda, but she is working every day so she is happy.

Lindas mate Stacy made her way back to the UK after a few weeks down under and we all had a great time while crazy Stacy was here.

Last week Linda turned 27 and she got some super presents off her super boyfriend and a family BBQ at our place was good fun.

For me not much is doing other than work, although i have had a few things to tell you. I climbed Mount Beerwah a few weeks back which was good fun and also finally got the 4WD in the sand at Double Island on Anzac day for a few waves.

This long weekend we are heading to North Stradbroke Island camping which should be great fun. Going with Rob, Kell, PStar and Jo.

Take care everyone till next time

MC and Apples