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Amy’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 17 Aug 2006

Location: Nakuru, Kenya

MapDay 5
Hello, been busy agian since I last wrote. After spending over an hour trying to download photo's the last time we decided to give up and get a beer. We found this 'pub' just near to Alex's house in the slum. It was slightly worrying as we walked in as there was every chance that we were going to be in someone's living room but as it turned out it was a little pub much like you'd find anywhere with the locals having a Tusker beer whilst they watched the news on the TV that was in a nice big cage with numerous padlocks on it, you can never be too careful though can you? I think we'll definitely be going back.....

I managed to get through a whole day of teaching on my own yesteray and the kids got to learn about words that end with an 'ing'. I was completely exhausted by the end but am starting to feel more confident with the children even if the so called knowledge that i am passing on is a little dubious.

In the evening we went to one of Alex's friend Ruth's house who was really nice and made us eat loads of kenyan food, it was really good! She also has volunteers staying with her and we're all going to meet up tonight for a few drinks.

Today has been spent teaching all morning and then we've come into town to book the safari and buy some resources for the school. Everywhere we go people are constantly trying to chat to us, as we just walked into the internet cafe a security guard welcomed us to Kenya which was nice though the rifle in his hand was a little off-putting!

We're off to the Masai Mara early tomorrow and i can't wait!

Tarra for now x