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Amy’s Travel Diary

Monday, 21 Aug 2006

Location: Nakuru, Kenya

MapHello! Itís been a few days since my last entry but just in case you missed the millions of times I mentioned it, its because Iíve been on Safari!

We were picked up from Alexís at 7.30am on Friday but this being Kenya we didnít actually leave Nakuru until about 9. Luckily the weather has been really sunny so we could take the short cut that only takes 6 hours which when youíre traveling by Matatu on what only just passes as a road feels more like 15!

When we finally arrived we went straight out on our first trip into the Masai Mara which is an absolutely massive national park. I got over excited at very animal we saw but to be fair they were all pretty damn impressive Ė lions, giraffes, zebraís, jackals, elephant, cheetah, hippo, crocodile, and the list goes on. The sunset that first evening was breathtaking and I could have stared at the starlit sky forever.

The campsite was quite basic and the showers were pretty chilly but we could warm up in the bar in the hotel just near by and a beer jacket certainly can be cosy!

The following morning we set off early and spent the entire day safari-ing around. We went to a lake with hippoís where we were shown around by a big man with a gun which was nice! We also visited a Masai village where the Masai people danced for us and showed us how they live and inside their houses. They are really lovely welcoming people and the men get to have ten wives who do all the hunting and cooking which is nice for them isnít it?!

That evening our tour guides took us to the village bar that they go to. When I set off on this trip I certainly never thought Iíd be sitting in a bar in the middle of the Africa desert having a warm beer with Masai tribesmen but thatís what we did and apart from the difference in clothes it was pretty much like any local pub with everyone getting louder and more lively as the night wore on.

The journey home pushed my anxiety levels to a maximum as it started to rain and the road basically turned into half a foot of mud. The matatu was slipping all over the place, well I say that I donít actually know as I had my eyes closed the whole time and was working out what I would say if I ended up being on the news. We all made it back though and my heart rate returned to almost normal levels this morning.

This week Iím going to be taking part in the building project on the dump site. Iíll be helping to build houses that are a similar size to a garden shed and are constructed out of tree branches and stones for the walls and corrugated iron for the roof. My first day today was a bit of a laid back one as they are waiting for materials to be delivered so we fixed a few roofs before calling it a day! I have been assured itís not like this everyday and that Iíll be breaking into a sweat after 10 minutes tomorrow. I can barely wait!