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Amy’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 23 Aug 2006

Location: Nakuru, Kenya

MapThe last couple of days have been really good. I'm really enjoying getting stuck into the building work. We've mostly been digging holes for the wall posts of three houses and its much harder than it sounds. The ground we dig on is volcanic rock and we have some metal pole tool things (not quite sure of tool names!) that we bash on the rock to loosen it up and then instead of using a shovel (there arn't any) we use our hands. Its quite tough work and I'm very surprised I'm not complaining constantly as frankly I think we all know that I usually would. Having said that I did spend most of this morning moaning about all the flies. The thing is though they are always landing on me and its not fair, why do they always pick on me.

I went to a baby orphanage this afternoon which is privately run. The kids were gorgeous and obviously got alot of care and attention from the staff and owners as they were just as happy playing with each other as they were with us. It was very different to when we visited the government run orphanage where the children just didn't want to let go off me. I loved it though and will be back next week to wake them all up and make them play with me!