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Amy’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 24 Aug 2006

Location: Kenya

MapWell I guess the main news of the day is that Ali has finally arrived! She found us in a hotel in town relaxing by the pool but just for the record both allan and I had been working very hard all morning and managed to swindle an afternoon off, honestly!

I've been building as usual today and mixing the cement and other important jobs. The house I'm working on is coming on well but we seem to be running low on building materials so it may take a few days longer than expected. Typical british builders then.

We'll be meeting up with the other volunteers based in Nakuru tonight so we can introduce Ali to everyone and its a good chance to find out what other projects are going on in Nakuru. That really is the only reason why we like to go and its nothing to do with us meeting in a bar in town, absolutly nothing.

More building tomoorow and then we're off to Lake Naivasha cos its the weekend!