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Amy’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 31 Aug 2006

Location: Nakuru, Kenya

Mapit was a really lovely last day teaching today. The kids all got new clothes that Alan Kerr has brought over with him and they were so pleased it was adorable to watch them and of course all they wanted to do was to pose for endless photo's in there new outfits. i will get some photo's up on the webpage once my Battery has recharged! Tomorrow each child at the school will also get a pair of shoes so they will be all set for the new term to strat next week.

I'm going to watch the football team play tonight and they are also getting new football boots each! Its just like Christmas!

Me, allan, ali and a volunteer called alice are going to Kisumu for the weekend tomorrow. This is a bigger town than Nakuru and its on Lake Victoria. apparently it is boiling there so the plan is to desperately try to get a tan before we come home next week and generally have a nice relaxing time.