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Amy’s Travel Diary

Monday, 04 Sep 2006

Location: Nakuru, Kenya

MapWeíve had a really lovely weekend in Kisumu. Set off on Friday and in typical Kenyan style we waited around for a couple of hours before the matatu decided to leave. The driver broke the speed limit for the entire journey so we actually got to Kisumu at around the time we had aimed for anyway which was good, obviously the flip side to this was that Iíd never been so scared in my life.

Kisumu is pretty much a bigger hotter version of Nakuru with more Boda Bodaís (people who ride you around on the back of their bikeÖ have to pay for this life threatening experience) oh and its on the edge of Lake Victoria which Iím sure you all know is the largest lake in Africa and the second largest in the world. Our hotel was interesting. It seems to have been 1952 there for, well for 54 years, as I said it was interesting! However the view from our room was unbeatable so that made up for the curious entertainment in the evenings.

We spent Saturday taking a boat trip on Lake Victoria. Not unusually we were completely unprepared and had no food and half a litre of water between 4 of us for a four hour trip in the midday sun. Our guides took us to an island where we had to wade through the water (the guide book specifically says not to do this due to a multitude of nasty things that live in the water and try to take over your body in a variety of unpleasant ways) so that we could go fishing. When I say fishing though in reality it was more like feeding as the bait would disappear but no fish were actually caught. Also when I say Ďwe went fishingí I actually mean I watched people fish whilst lying on the little beach.

The guides then rowed us to a restaurant where they got really quite drunk and talked us into doing another trip in the morning! Apparently Lake Victoria has many animals but we didnít actually see any but the sunrise was good though so at least that was something.

We came back to Nakuru last night and Iíve been back on the building site today and Iíll be there for the rest of the week. The mood is very somber up there at the moment as last Thursday a little boy call Mwangi died in a house fire. He wasnít old enough to go to the school but we had all played with him as he was always racing around and trying to help us out with the building. Itís all very sad and really makes you realize the reality of life and death here and just how vulnerable the children are.

Well its my last week now. Iíve still got a few things I want to do before leaving such a visiting Lake Nakuru, the Menengai crater, and visiting the orphanages. We leave for Nairobi on Friday so Iíll have to squeeze it all into 3 days!