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Amy’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 06 Sep 2006

Location: Nakuru, Kenya

MapHad good couple of days spent building and sight seeing. The building projects are really coming on and some more volunteers arrived this week to help out which is good as there are a few other volunteers leaving this weekend beside ourselves.

Yesterday afternoon we went to the Menengai Crater which is about 10km away from where we are staying. The views are amazing. There are a few little stalls at the top and the owners were telling us we had been the only visitors that day, its crazy, its absolutely beautiful and there's no-one there to see it. Of course this may have been a ploy to get me to feel sorry for them and then buy lots of African jewellery but I like to think they were telling the truth.

This morning Ali and I visited Lake Nakuru national park. After a bizaar experience of getting in the wrong taxi, being taken into town with adults and children sat on my knee, realising our slight mistake and getting taken home again we eventually managed to get to the park at around 7am. It was more then worth the early start. The park has the biggest colony of flamingo's in the world and on top of that it is also home to white rhino's. We were really lucky and saw 6 of the seven white rhino's that live there and many other animals including giraffes, warthogs and hyenas.

I think today may have been my last day building as Ken who is in charge of the project broke his leg about 4 hours ago and has been taken to a hospital just outside of Nairobi by Alex and some of the volunteers including Ali and Allan. They should be coming back tomorrow after Ken has been operated on and hopefully he will be starting to recover.