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Des’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 27 Sep 2006

Location: Oxford, England

Now the house, from photos you will see soon, is carpeted. Now if the runout special had been on longer, I reckon the walls would have been carpeted too. Every room has carpet and all are different colours – the bathroom, kitchen included. Imagine cleaning up spilt honey off carpet ?? smashed eggs ??
But it has nice features, tis clean, and bright with new windows and doors that work well. It is hidden behind a Lexus dealer so it is not obvious – in fact the only one who finds it without calling is the postie with the bills !
The kitchen is big but with no benches so there is all this space with nothing in it. The fridge is the cupboard on the left, the dishwasher is actually a washing machine, tried doing the dishes but broke quite a few til I woke up.
2 great potential storage cupboards are actually boilers and hot water systems for heating etc – no one has told the poms these things can go outside, like dogs, clothes lines, and barbeques. And another thing – where do you hang your clothes to dry esp. sheets – no clothes lines ! anywhere ! so I bought a portable Hills Hoist. It has tripod legs, fold down arms and can hold half a sheet, or five jocks and a towel. And it blows over in the wind.
But….. I have lawn. Now is it good or bad ? I have mowed it twice in a month. Mowed lawn for the first time in 12 years … it is bad. Standing on it while barbequing is good. The nice trees and bushes around it are good. The *&^%%$# stinging nettle plant is bad ! Pains for hours….and all I did was to look at it and say “what the *&^% is this ?” .