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Des’s Travel Diary

Friday, 20 Oct 2006

Location: Liverpool, England

MapLiverpool (yeah yeah yeah)
Well I experienced ferry cross the Mersey and tunnel under the Mersey but only one of them was a hit in the 60’s. I swear the tunnel was weird. Like the one under Sydney harbour – you go down down down and then level out, then………….but it didn’t slope up – it stayed horizontal and there I was, emerging into Liverpool. Strangest thing.
Of course, one must visit the Beatles Story musn’t one, and the Cavern, and Beatles Street, and John Lennon airport and ……..
Saturday afternoon in town and I swear I was in Footscray, or Blacktown or Ipswich except the pallour was paler – they had ugg boots on, trackie dacks, fat girls with skirts far too tight and everyone looking like they were inbred. Cruel, but fair assessment.
But using the Lonely Planet Guide to Britain I found a lovely pub near my hotel and settled in for the cloudy afternoon. This pub (The Philharmonic) looks like the interior of the Titanic, wood panelling, stained glass, beaten copper friezes, tall tall ceilings with chandeliers – gorgeous.