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Des’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 05 Dec 2006

Location: Denmark

MapFoggy Week
Foggy Week was the weirdest weather I have experienced and remember I have lived in Melbourne and Auckland. It was foggy from dawn til dusk for like 5 days. Temperature was down to minus 5 and the result was a wet, dripping malaise that caused black ice everywhere (see above) and if you stood still and listened, you could hear the drip drip drip of the moisture on the leaves. The damp and wet cold was most unusual.
It was eerie as you drove to and from work in the dark, misty shroud. Lots of frost meant the hedges and fields looked white and with the fog and headlight glow made a surreal scene. Add to that, were all the Christmas lights – they go crazy here so each house had a glow around it and the varied designs and colours strained to get through the mist to appreciative eyes.

And the sheep….at 7am were eating frozen grass !
And heathrow – closed for 4 days just before christmas