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Ruth and Rebekah’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 28 Sep 2006

Location: Bangalore, India

Mapwe said goodbye to Raj & Eunice today and headed to Bangalore. we hired the same car and sneaky driver as we had for the Mysore tour. But today he seemed extra sneaky and cranky. To get out to Bethel it was easier to hire a driver to save us the hassle of buses and taxis etc. Bethel generates their own electriciy and later at the hotel in town we would understand why. We even got to have lunch with the family. After we checked into the hotel we ventured out to the shops that were around the hotel. This is where we first heard ourselves being described as milky white. we also found McDonalds. No beef on the menu here, only chicken and fish and curried potato patties - yum!! we found a supermarket on our way back and loaded up with chocolate and lollies. Tea was a strawberry milkshake from Maccas. Later at the hotel after we turned it into a laundry with washed clothes hanging from every space available the power in the whole area went out, twice. Welcome to India.