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Ruth and Rebekah’s Travel Diary

Friday, 29 Sep 2006

Location: Delhi, India

MapWell, Delhi. What can we say?? We flew here with Kingfisher Airlines, one of the new ones that had fantastic service but lulled us into a false sense of security. we had organised for the hotel to pick us us (for 700+ rupees) but when they didnt show up, we caught a prepaid taxi, for 170 rupees!! we checked into the hotel and then like the brave girls we are we headed out to look around. What a mistake! it was mentally draining. the guidebooks tells you about scheming tourist touts but it didnt even scratch the surface. They come up to you and tell you that they don't want anything from you, only to pracice their English but then proceed to walk with you, bugging you until you are forced to yell at them to go away. Then the next one comes up and tells you that you have been told the wrong thing and that the shops are a couple of blocks away. Then you get rid of him and the one that has been following you for the past few blocks makes out he has just come upon you and tries to deny to you that he has been following you. So to sum it up - take a taxi. We went back to our hotel and had a cup of tea.