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Ruth and Rebekah’s Travel Diary

Monday, 02 Oct 2006

Location: Varanasi, India

MapToday we went for our cruise on the Ganges. Now according to our Lonely Planet guide there is no dissolved oxygen in the "water" around varanasi. so if water is h2o, can we really class this as water, or just liquid filth? we walked down to get on the boat at daybreak to the ghats where people were already bathing. one guy was swimming, taking in mouthfuls of water and then spitting it out! others were throwing there bags of rubbish in where others were bathing. we boarded the boat without actually touching the water and saw a bloated cow float past. First we rowed up and then down stream. First we just saw smoke. then when we came around a bend we came to the crematoriums where at least 4 people were being cremated. you cant see the bodies but you can see them wrapped in this gold cloth. we headed back to the hotel and immediatley changes our clothes as it was just filthy here. but we came back to the river for lunch where we ate in a restaurant overlooking it. we all thought it would be a great idea to walk back to the hotel from lunch. not such a great idea. it was hot, we got lost a few times and of course every Indian we walked past wanted us to get in his rickshaw.