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Ruth and Rebekah’s Travel Diary

Friday, 06 Oct 2006

Location: Chanderi, India

MapAnother morning of driving before arriving at our hotel. This town was even smaller. We were lucky with this hotel as there were only 2 rooms with a/c and as we missed out last time we got one this time. Our afternoon consisted of sightseeing to a palace that was once 7 storeys but is now only 3 (it was built by a msulim ruler but the locals didnt like that so they destroyed it with cannonballs). we also went to some welcome gate. the highlight of the day though had to be the 95 year old naked Jain monk, who had ripped ALL his hair out (as you do) and whose eating chances depended solely on silly games of chance. we couldnt talk to him but we hope he didnt see woody (one of the guys on our tour) kill the bugs that were crawling on him! that night we had firecracker night up on the roof. it wasnt new years but it was funny watching the little indian guy run as the fuses were very short. we also finally got the chance to get some henna on our hands.