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Ruth and Rebekah’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 07 Oct 2006

Location: Shivpuri, India

MapTravel in the morning. This was really just a stopover to break up the journey. the hotel was dirty and the staff were unbelievably unorganised. they wrote our lunch order our 3 times! it's all getting a bit frustrating. so we decided to put in our dinner order at lunch so we wouldnt be up until midnight sorting it out. Our touring this afternoon was to the National Park there - i think we saw one monkey and a kingfisher bird. but the pleasant surprise came from the Cenotaphs that we visited. they were built for a ruler and his mum and they were beautiful. the rulers was all inlaid marble with semiprecious stone and gold leaf. the mother's was not as decorative but the blue stained glass windows coloured everything nicely. it was good to have an a/c tonight but wouldnt you know it they silly thing kept icing over. plus im sure something ran over my legs in the morning. kiki actually got another room as hers was full of some kind of animal droppings.