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Ruth and Rebekah’s Travel Diary

Monday, 09 Oct 2006

Location: Ranthambore National Park, India

MapToday we went in search of the elusive tiger. we learnt a valuable lesson about them - they can hide longer in the bushes than we have the patience to sit and wait, especially when its a tigress that has 2 cubs. ir probably didnt help that we were again in a huge deisel "tank". we saw their paw prints on the road as we drove in and we heard the cubs calling to their mum but that was about it. we must have sat in that on area maybe 2 1/2 hours of our 3 hour drive but no such luck. we came back to the hotel absolutely covered in dust, and i mean covered. after lunch we went back to the park for another drive and still didnt see a tiger. we didnt wait so long this time so we did actually see some other animals. a little disappointed not to see a tiger but when they are almost extinct it must be expected. at leat they aren't in tigers pacing back & forth like at mysore zoo.